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Sunday Summary

Stripe Study Shawl

I started this while watching the royal wedding.  I have been very slow with my knitting as of late.

I made this for my brother.  Every college professor needs one, right?

Here is a summary of my container gardening attempts this summer:

Died Very Quickly – lavander, dhalia, zinnia, impatiens, some type of white hanging flower

Died a Slow Death – African violet (2), geranium, rosemary

Still Alive and Well (since January!) – jade plant

I’m sticking with succulents from now on.


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I have a new obsession – wreaths.  Specifically wreaths that incorporate yarn.  After spending quite a while googling images of “yarn wreaths” I attempted one of my own:

It was super easy and super cheap (even better!).  I just wrapped a wreath form in white yarn and glued on some felt flowers that I made using this tutorial.  I love it!  I want to keep making them, there are so many different things you could do.

I finally got the white Christmas tree I have long desired, and I put it up tonight.  Unfortunately I failed to realize that my lights have green cords.  Maybe next year I’ll buy some new ones.

More to come – I have a couple things I’ve been knitting that I’m excited to share.

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When it comes to crafts I’m a bit of a perfectionist (this is in no way carried over to any other aspects of my life).  I second guess myself and deliberate excessively.  If I let myself, I would never complete a project, choosing instead to endlessly nitpick the details that aren’t exactly like the pictures in the book or magazine.  The only thing that forces me to relinquish a project to its intended recipient is a deadline.

Case in point, Lucy’s Springy Springtime Sweater:

I am ninety-eight percent happy with this project.  But I shortened the sleeves and don’t like how the decreases turned out, and I’m not completely sold on the bunny buttons.  I actually did rip and re-do the button band once, and am itching to re-do the sleeves, but Lucy is growing fast so she needs to have it now – gah!

When I don’t have a deadline such as a gift-giving holdiday or quickly growing baby, projects can take months, nay, years to finish.  Remember the pleated purse I made last spring?  Still not finished.  I just bought handles last month.  Not because I just forgot about it, I spent months scouring the internet for handles and made multiple trips to the (same!) store to look at all of the options.  Now I have started the (never-ending?) search for a lining fabric *sigh*

I just yesterday settled on a pattern for my frogged puff sleeve cardigan after months of searching just about every cardigan pattern on Ravelry.  I have promised myself that I am going to make this sweater and move on, already!

Don’t even get me started on yarn selections.  When I decide to use a certain pattern it takes a very excessive amount of time to choose a yarn.  The possibilities are endless!  How can I choose?!  It must be the perfect color/fiber/weight/price combination!  (Are you starting to understand why I have never found shopping for anything very enjoyable?)

God help me if I ever have to buy a house.

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Sometimes I Miss My Latte Bowls

Several months ago I moved and I’m now basically living in one room. Since I got rid of my desk in the move, I’ve been using my buffet as a desk/multimedia command center:

I started out just having the clipboards on the wall, but have gradually added other items. Now I like the idea of having a multi-faceted “art wall”

The only other thing hanging up in my room is this amazing calendar:

A Christmas gift from my sister. On the back of each page are oragami templates to turn the page into boxes, cards, etc. I lurve it.

I haven’t been knitting or crafting much at all since Christmas. Needed the detox, I suppose. I did, however, find the energy to make these sweet things for my niece:

Can’t leave the hospital without booties, it’s practically a rule. She’ll have to do without the scratch mitts for a while, since I ran out of yarn and……she’s going to be born tomorrow!!! Ok, maybe not actually tomorrow, but definitely in the next day or two!

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Craft Hope

Have you heard of Craft Hope?  

“Craft Hope is a faith-based, love inspired project designed to share handmade crafts with those less fortunate.  It is our hope to combine our love for crafting and desire to help others into a project to make a difference around the world.”

Basically, they post different craft projects that will benefit particular charities and anyone who wants to participate makes an item and sends it in.  The current project is The Orphan Foundation of America’s Red Scarf Project.  Make a red scarf, send it in, the scarf will be included in Valentine’s care packages sent to foster care teens.  (Click on the link above for more info and instructions).  Deadline for completion is February 14.

So go ahead, make a red scarf.  What else are you doing?  Christmas knitting should really be done by now!

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Merry Craftmas

That’s right.  I made that.

And Ashley made that.  (She was my secret santa in the craft exchange!)  Etched glass is v. impressive.

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Holiday Heist

This weekend Ashley and I (and Lou and Phil!) attended the Holiday Heist craft show put on my DC Craft Mafia.  It was a small show held at The Soundry, which is a studio and rehearsal space for artists and musicians.

I bought one of these ornaments:

*image courtesy Space Moderne

They are made by Space Moderne, and she has a bunch of other designs as well. 

I also bought a postcard painting that depicts a giant octopus devouring a boat.  It was made by Jaime Zollars, whose work I am now in love with. 

*image courtesy Jaime Zollars

 So creepy.  I love it.

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