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Sunday Summary

Stripe Study Shawl

I started this while watching the royal wedding.  I have been very slow with my knitting as of late.

I made this for my brother.  Every college professor needs one, right?

Here is a summary of my container gardening attempts this summer:

Died Very Quickly – lavander, dhalia, zinnia, impatiens, some type of white hanging flower

Died a Slow Death – African violet (2), geranium, rosemary

Still Alive and Well (since January!) – jade plant

I’m sticking with succulents from now on.


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The knitting portion of the little bitty purse is finished, now I just need a liner and some handles.  I’m probably going to keep this for myself instead of gifting it, because a couple family members have mentioned that they don’t like it, so I’m nervous that the recipient wouldn’t like it, either.  (Me:  Mom, do you think ______ would like this?  Mom:  Sure, she likes………..unusual things……….) Whatevs, I think it’s AWESOME!

I’ve found a pattern that I would like to use for my frogged cardigan:


(sans ribbons, I think)  This pattern is in the book A Stitch in Time, which is something like 300 pages of vintage sweater patterns from the 1920’s – the 1940’s.  Me likey.  Unfortunately, the book has to be ordered from England, and also costs 27 pounds!  If Santa is reading this, perhaps it could be a Christmas gift?  Please?

All right, I should probably stop procrastinating on the interwebs and go clean up this hot mess on my balcony before my guests arrive tonight:


This is why I don’t have kids or pets.  They would probably die.  Happy Independence Day!

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