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In celebration of my niece’s first birthday, I made her two sweaters.  (Because she’s one and I can still get away with not giving her toys – don’t worry, she is definitely not lacking in the toy department).

The first sweater is a Whirligig Shrug using Knit Picks Swish DK in Bordeaux.  Despite having made this before, using the exact same yarn, with the exact same size needles, I ended up re-doing the edging not once, but twice.  I’ve decided that picking up stitches is just not my strongest skill.  (By the way, the yardage requirements listed in this pattern are waaay off.  I bought the yardage listed for the newborn size, and I have knit a newborn shrug and a 12-18 months shrug and I still have one skein left).  I didn’t have time to block the sweater, as I finished making it, oh, about two hours before the party. 

The second sweater is Camilla Babe knit with Patons Beehive Baby Chunky in Swifter Sea.  I triumphantly corrected the mistakes made in my adult size Camilla, and it turned out really well.  This sweater was finished about seven hours before the party.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  I did a lot of knitting this past weekend.  About three seasons of Weeds worth.

Happy Birthday, Lucy!


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Professor Baby

Now that this little sweater is safely in the hands of its recipient I can share it with you!  I made this Sleeveless Baby Top (or “vest” for you crazy Americans) for Brenna’s new arrival.  I used Miss Babs Yummy Sport & Sock, which is apparently a big deal, judging from the long lines outside of my LYS when she did a trunk show there.  Whatever – I chose this yarn basically because it was the color grey I was looking for, and because it’s superwash (forgot to write that on the tag – sorry Brenna!)

The pattern, having been translated from Norweigan, was a bit confusing.  I figured it out eventually, but not without a few frustrations.  I really like the end result, so it was worth it.

Up next – I have two sweaters that I’m working on, but I’m thinking of putting both on hold in favor of a new hat.  What will happen?  Will anything be done in time for Christmas?  I don’t know….probably not, so don’t get your hopes up.

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I know you all have been holding your breath to see if the Mother’s Day present was finished on time.  It wasn’t.  But I did cut out the pieces last night, and will sew them up after work tonight (after a trip to the store between meetings to buy more interfacing because of cutting mistakes – perhaps measuring and cutting at 11pm after working 12 hour days all week was not the best idea).  I don’t know if my mom reads the blogge or not, so I don’t want to say what the present is going to be.

My To Knit list has exploded in the last week.  It’s to the point that I actually wrote out a schedule (knit___ for ___ finish by___).  The reason for the time crunch is that they’re mostly baby patterns that only go up to a certain size, and a 9mo garment for a 18mo baby would be pretty useless.

I’m dying to go to the Squam Art Workshops textile weekend.  If only I had the money to spare.  Maybe next year…

Because I don’t have any crafty photos, pictured above is my best pal Gracie, who likes yarn A LOT.  And also, investigating table tops.

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