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I have found a new love, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  (And it’s not one of the creeps from internet dating – seriously, can you please not use the non-smiling webcam photos lit only by the electronic glow of the computer screen?  You all look like serial killers!)  My new love is knitting designer Veera Valimaki.  I’m currently making her Hooray Cardigan:

Image borrowed from 100-rain.blogspot.com

I seriously want to make every. sweater. she has designed. ever.  When I opened up go.ogle reader this morning I found Veera has published a new book of patterns, called Book of Gray – be still, my heart!  If only I could knit faster – winter is quickly coming to an end!

Other things I am in love with – Brenna’s new baby patterns!

Hoot Cardigan (image borrowed from beknitpicky.blogspot.com)

Hunter's Vest (image borrowed from beknitpicky.blogspot.com)

And I have a special new baby to knit for, too.  My college roommate (who lives just ten minutes away!) is due in July.  Not the greatest season for newborn knits, but I guess I’ll forgive her and knit 3-6 month sizes.  This somewhat mitigates the blow that my brother and sister-in-law have struck – they’re kidnapping my niece and moving back to Kentucky – noooooo!!  I do not love this.


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