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In celebration of my niece’s first birthday, I made her two sweaters.  (Because she’s one and I can still get away with not giving her toys – don’t worry, she is definitely not lacking in the toy department).

The first sweater is a Whirligig Shrug using Knit Picks Swish DK in Bordeaux.  Despite having made this before, using the exact same yarn, with the exact same size needles, I ended up re-doing the edging not once, but twice.  I’ve decided that picking up stitches is just not my strongest skill.  (By the way, the yardage requirements listed in this pattern are waaay off.  I bought the yardage listed for the newborn size, and I have knit a newborn shrug and a 12-18 months shrug and I still have one skein left).  I didn’t have time to block the sweater, as I finished making it, oh, about two hours before the party. 

The second sweater is Camilla Babe knit with Patons Beehive Baby Chunky in Swifter Sea.  I triumphantly corrected the mistakes made in my adult size Camilla, and it turned out really well.  This sweater was finished about seven hours before the party.  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.  I did a lot of knitting this past weekend.  About three seasons of Weeds worth.

Happy Birthday, Lucy!


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Almost Done

My Camilla sweater is entering the home stretch.  I mostly laid on the couch this weekend, so now both sleeves are done and it’s time to join them to the body and finish up this project.

A warm blanket, knitting, a Law and Order SVU marathon, and the new Vampire Academy book on my Kindle (yes, I will admit to it).  Cozy.

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The knitting portion of the little bitty purse is finished, now I just need a liner and some handles.  I’m probably going to keep this for myself instead of gifting it, because a couple family members have mentioned that they don’t like it, so I’m nervous that the recipient wouldn’t like it, either.  (Me:  Mom, do you think ______ would like this?  Mom:  Sure, she likes………..unusual things……….) Whatevs, I think it’s AWESOME!

I’ve found a pattern that I would like to use for my frogged cardigan:


(sans ribbons, I think)  This pattern is in the book A Stitch in Time, which is something like 300 pages of vintage sweater patterns from the 1920’s – the 1940’s.  Me likey.  Unfortunately, the book has to be ordered from England, and also costs 27 pounds!  If Santa is reading this, perhaps it could be a Christmas gift?  Please?

All right, I should probably stop procrastinating on the interwebs and go clean up this hot mess on my balcony before my guests arrive tonight:


This is why I don’t have kids or pets.  They would probably die.  Happy Independence Day!

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C is for Challenging


First sweater!  Of course I would pick the pattern that is marked “C” for Challenging.  It doesn’t seem challenging, though.  We’ll see.  Pictured above is the beginning of my Puff Sleeve Feminine Cardigan.  I’m using Berroco Pure Pima in Baton Rouge.  Even though my gauge is ok this is turning out looser-knit than I was expecting (probably because I’m using cotton instead of wool).  I think it will be fine once it’s blocked.

I finally got an ink pad and gift tags to use my “handmade by andrea” stamp on.  There would be a picture, but while my camera has settings for “aquarium”, “snow” and “foliage” there is no setting for “ridiculously close up picture of tiny object”.  Good thing I didn’t throw away the user’s manual.

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Needed: 1 Sweater

The booties and the hat are done, and now I think I’m going to have to make a sweater to complete the set.  I can’t make up my mind between two patterns – a bolero sweater or a sweater vest.  Both of these involve tools which I have yet to purchase, namely, a stitch holder.  I could probably improvise, but instead prefer to wait until I can get to the store next week and pick up an actual stitch holder, as I seem to remember that I tried to improvise once with a spare needle and it wasn’t pretty.  Stay tuned.

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